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DKB : The Pros and Cons of Offering Same Day Delivery Work

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The Pros and Cons of Offering Same Day Delivery Work

Those drivers keen to gain a competitive edge in the haulage industry would be well advised to offer same day delivery work as part of their service. Customers are certain to appreciate the convenience of being able to take possession of goods within hours of completing the ordering process. However, it is important to account for the same day delivery factors highlighted in this article if your business is to remain profitable.

Staff Organisation

Drivers working on a self-employed basis will have to maintain high standards of organisation and motivation to offer a same day service. It may be necessary to adjust daily routes depending upon the urgency of client deliveries, and a certain degree of flexibility will also be required. However, large company owners will have a particular challenge regarding the organisation of same day services. Schedules must be created for individual drivers and it will also be important to find ways of maintaining employee productivity.

Client Demand

Drivers are advised to conduct some research to ascertain whether they can satisfy client demand for a same day service before offering it. There is likely to be some variability in the amount of storage capacity and urgency of deliveries made throughout the week. It may also be necessary to invest in larger vehicles or hire dedicated staff for particularly hectic periods, so small company owners may not be able to justify the expense required to incorporate same day delivery work as part of their service.

Standards Of Efficiency

Drivers will also need to consider the issue of efficiency when assessing the viability of same delivery work. If there’s substantial demand it may be possible to group different customer items before leaving the depot. However, drivers who aren’t able to generate significant interest may deem the option of same day delivery to be impractical. It may be worth specialising in a certain aspect of the courier trade or dedicating time to the marketing of the business.

Worker Productivity

Company owners who are keen to boost the levels of employee productivity should certainly consider offering same day delivery work services. Staff members generally work with more energy if they realise a certain number of deliveries have to be made before the end of the day. However, it is important to ensure that standards of professionalism do not drop when carrying out urgent tasks. Individual team members must be aware that they have a responsibility to carry out their task rapidly and safely.

Item Management

Businesses that do not offer a same day service may need to manage a backlog of customer items – it may be necessary to store client goods in a warehouse, for example. However, businesses offering same day services will be able to ensure rapid item rotation and space maximisation in the professional premises as the majority of goods will be arranged for rapid transit each day.

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