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The Alpha Male Takes Risks

One of the hallmarks of being an Alpha Male is that he is willing to take risks to improve his situation. This contrasts with the Beta Male who, by his very nature plays it safe.

Perhaps it would be good to define what a Beta Male is an Alpha Male. In primate societies (of which we are a part) there is a social hierarchy that has evolved into us human beings from our primacy ancestors. This hierarchy, expressed generally in the males of the primary cultures, can be separated into two basic groups. The first is the Alpha Male, or the leader of the troupe. The Alpha Male is in charge of the safety of the troupe from predators and other threatening males from other troupes. In addition, the Alpha Male is in charge of providing for the other needs of the troupe as well. In human society, the Alpha Male, the tribal leader, is in charge of the emotional, financial, social, nutritional, and physical well being of the members of his tribe. This is not new, it is simple human nature.

That being said, the Alpha Male is also going to find himself attractive to women. Women, being smaller and weaker physically, as well as slower needs protection if she is going to not only survive in the jungle, but survive long enough to reproduce and send her genes into the next generation. So women are hard wired to be attracted to the Alpha Male- this still holds true in humans. Women want an assertive male who is the leader of men, and who takes care of all their needs, and the needs of the whole tribe, and does it from a position of strength and authority.

The Beta Male, by contrast, is a follower. He is passive aggressive, which means that he does things covertly (whereas the Alpha Male is more straight forward). In human terms, this can manifest itself by trying to "bribe" people into liking them, doing favors for others to get favors back, chasing women that they are attached to and a whole bunch of other things. Beta Males are really categorized by their passivity to any given situation. What also follows is that the Beta Male will resort to back stabbing, gossip, and whining when it does not get his way.

Now that we have that established, we can see the basis for why the Alpha Male and the Beta Male differ in the risk department. If a male is going to be an Alpha Male, that means that he will put himself in danger's way, and open himself up to more risks. Frankly, who risks more than the leader of a group? Think about the Officer leading the Army, or the Quarterback of the team, or sometimes the CEO of a business. The higher up you go in the social hierarchy, the more people are waiting for your demise, and the quicker they want that to happen so that they can take your place. Sometimes that is done directly, by other Alpha Males, and sometimes it is done passively by the Beta Male types.

So being the leader of the group means that you are exposing yourself to "attacks" by others. That means also that if the Alpha Male fails, the life of the whole tribe (or in our case company, military unit, or football team for example) is at risk. So the Alpha Male has to confidently take on the risks that come come his way.

But the Beta Male, by nature is someone who stands in the shadow of the Alpha Male. Like the Alpha Male (and any male) he too wants to climb up the chain and be a leader, but for some reason he lacks the ability or despite the confidence to do that. The Beta Male nature is to "play it safe" and hope that opportunity falls into his lap. Again, the Beta Male will resort to passive tactics such as bribery or ass kissing or doing favors for someone so so that they may reward him with a higher position in the tribe. (Remember, tribe in this sense means any organization or group that the male may find himself a part of)

So the Beta Male does not take risks- in some sense, he eats of the scraps of the Alpha Male's table and is happy with it. That means that his loyalty will shift quickly to whoever has the ability to best feed him, that is, give him what he wants. All males start out as Beta Males by the way, but some of the grow out of it and become Alpha Males- those are the guys who take the risks in life.

This can certainly be seen in a business setting. There are some guys who are drones- who play it safe- who do just enough work to keep their job and get by. Sometimes they get promoted, simply because someone else moves up or dies, but often they get a to a level of comfort and just stay there. They trade in the great lifestyle of the Alpha Male for the safety of the Beta Male.

How about in romance? Well, it can clearly be seen there too. Ever go to a club and see a bunch of guys who are standing around with a drink to their chest watching the action? The guys who go there hoping (or even worse EXPECTING) a girl to come up and talk to them? They dare not take the risk of getting shot down, so they stand there and hope people come to them.

Then there are the guys in the club who take the risk of getting shot down. They approach people, specifically they approach women- sometimes they get down down, and sometimes they are successful in making a connection. But the fact that they are willing to take the risk opens them up to many more possibilities than the Passive Beta Male who will not make any connections because they will not take the "risk" of getting shot down.

In addition to that, women WANT men who are willing to take risks. Back in our ancestor's days, the guy who could take risks was the guy who was likely to be the Alpha Male – that meant that he was going to be a leader- and that that meant that he would not only have his strengths and resources to protect her and their potential offspring, but that he had the resources of the whole tribe at his disposal! If the name of the game is survival, then the woman who is attached to the Alpha Male has the best chance of surviving.

That means that the very act of approaching a woman at all, that is, showing he would take the risk, automatically clicks on all the attraction buttons in a woman's brain. Just that alone gives him points in her book and increases the chances that the man can make a connection with the woman. The Beta Male, on the other hand, LOSES points by standing around and being passive when it comes to women. That means in the romantic world, no one starts with a zero score- you either start positive (the Alpha Male who takes the risk and approaches) or in the negative (the Beta Male who passively sets and watches).

We can not escape the brain wiring that got us here. Back in our jungle days it was the Alpha Male who took risks who became the Alpha Male, who had the troop to help him survive (as he helped it survive) who got to reproduce with the females of the world. That brain wiring that got us here is still alive and well in our brains, so it is the guy who is assertive and takes on the risks who ends up winning the girl in the end. Not only the girl, but the job, the money, and even things like fame and fortune and glory.

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