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DKB : How Women Violate Men, 7 Stunning Secrets

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How Women Violate Men, 7 Stunning Secrets

There is a lot of talk about how crude men can be who violate women, but how about devilish women who abuse men?

Certainly neither men, nor women should be demonized. It is never wise to categorize any gender or people group as a whole. Nevertheless experience does show at least some consistencies of how women rub men the wrong way.

Here are 7 Stunning Secrets as to how females annoy, abuse, intrude, and violate men.

1. Women can be loud and irritating.

When a woman gets angry, even if it’s not with her man, she fiercely vocalizes her displeasure. Men are emotionally wired differently and internalize it as if she’s lashing out at him. If he’s in the same room with you when you’re venting, don’t think he’s not feeling the emotional heat and neurologically sensing you’re an explosive and volatile individual.

Ladies beware of yelling about someone or something when your man is in the room. He may mistakenly feel and believe you’re mad at him, which afterward will cause him to withdraw and remove himself from the line of fire.

Men like women who are elegant, carry themselves well, practice self-control, and speak graciously.

2. Women tend to gossip and drone on about trivial things.

It may be entertaining and enjoyable for ladies to talk about female things, which often border on gossip. Men however aren’t interested in hearing all the dirt about somebody. Guys want to get the job done, pay their bills, and have some fun.

Don’t burden men with your trivial and petty things. Guys don’t want a girl who’s world is so easily shaken by such minuscule matters.

3. Women easily revert to purporting, acting, and drama to get their way.

This is a subtle manipulation method learned by girls throughout childhood. Their loud screeches often got the little princesses precisely what they wanted whenever they were little girls. Is it any wonder as women they easily and subconsciously revert back to a temper tantrum to wear a man down?

The less drama the better for guys ladies. Please don’t be a drama queen. Be a blessing to your man, not an emotional drain and burden. Your man shouldn’t dread coming home to you after a long day at work.

4. Women can sometimes incessantly nag to wear a man down.

Nagging is not loving ladies. Men don’t like to be nagged anymore than you do. Nagging will deeply cause a man to resent, if not eventually hate you. Nobody wants to be bombarded with bickering, ridiculing remarks, and downgrading comments. Men have already come through the boyhood stage and evolved into men. They don’t need you to mother them. Nurturing is nice, but nagging is hellish and immediately despised.

Don’t take your personal frustration and inner issues out on your man ladies. Get your own life in order and practice self-control beginning with your speech. From the overflow of the heart comes the words of the mouth. Most often we project on to others what we ultimately feel about ourselves. Take a personal inventory and get a check up from the neck up, before you verbally throw up on your man. Replace criticism with compliments and praise. As you do, your man will endeavor to live up to the praises you lavish on him.

5. Women can become controlling.

Men don’t want to be controlled. Frankly nobody does. What you did to get your man, you must continue to do to keep him. Demanding and controlling women weary their men and drive them away. After a long hard day at the office, a man wants to come home and chill out.

If you’ve asked your man to do something, let him do so without you lording yourself over him. Allow your man to maintain his own individuality, dress as he pleases, communicate in his own style, and be comfortable in his own skin.

Your man needs privacy as much as he needs intimacy. Kindly give him some space when necessary so he can rest and recooperate from life’s daily challenges.

6. Women are masterful at playing the damsel in distress.

Women are clever at playing confused and helpless to get a man’s help. Sometimes it is nothing more than laziness and working the sexes. Women know men are hormonally challenged, attentive, and alert as to any opportunity to befriend a lady. Many ladies have no interest at all, but simply want to use guys to get some help moving furniture, fix their car, or do their homework.

Chivalry and being a gentleman is perfectly acceptable. Yet when a women doesn’t reciprocate and shows herself unthankful after the fact and distances herself from the guy, that is not cool.

It is no surprise women at bars work guys for free drinks than disappear. I even knew one young lady who admitted to using guys she had no interest in whatsoever to get a nice dinner whenever they asked her out.

7. Money and materialism is another thing women are hated for.

When a woman uses a man to pay her bills, get her out of debt, and buy her nice things she can quickly be hated by him. Men will do a lot for a lady they like, but sincerity and a genuine heart (or the lack thereof) will eventually show. Any true man won’t want to be with a woman who doesn’t want to be with him. If he stops paying for and buying extravagant things, her true motivation will soon be tested and revealed. Sadly many women up and leave when the goodies are gone.

Men want a tender hearted and trustworthy woman, not a material girl. Fair weather friends are many, faithful and loyal people are few. It is a woman who possess inward character that a man will marry and say, “I do” to.

Ladies don’t take for granted and violate the men in your life. Familiarity breeds contempt. Than what when your man has gone and went? Show him some respect now while you have him, lest you weep when you lose him.

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