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Yuneec Tornado H920 Review

Yuneec Tornado H920: Yuneec introduced typhoon series drone for the consumers who wanted a reliable, ready to fly a quadcopter. It went well for Yuneec as it was affordable and feature rich.

The scenario with Yuneec tornado is bit different, it doesn’t mean that it’s not that feature rich, it means it may not be as affordable as a typhoon series drone.

Let’s take an in-depth look to whether Tornado is worth the hefty price tag or not.


Yuneec Tornado H920Now we must mention this in the start that tornado is not a hobbyist drone, it’s the Yuneec’s attempt to hit the professional drone market. Being a professional drone the build quality of this drone is top notch. The whole frame is made out of carbon fiber.

The legs are also made up of durable material. Moreover, these legs are foldable so, the Tornado is not difficult to transport. It’s relatively compact considering it’s a hexacopter.

The drone’s center hub is round in shape. The landing gear is rock solid and is retractable too.


Being a hexacopter Tornado definitely, has a slight edge compared to its rivals. The six brushless motors are powerful enough to lift this bad boy without any problems. Also, if one of these motors stops working for some reason the drone can still be flown with five motors. It’s a neat safety feature added by Yuneec.

In the air, Tornado feels as responsive as it should be. The drone is quite snappy in the air. The controls are relatively straightforward due to which Tornado is easy to fly. The drone hovers well in the air, stability wise we had no issues here.


Tornado, being a professional drone allows its users to add their own dedicated camera. A dedicated 3-axis stabilized gimbal is available for this purpose which can house micro four thirds cameras like Panasonic GH4 and Sony A7S. With this gimbal, users can capture breathtaking stills and videos.

Also, Yuneec is offering their own camera gimbal name as CG04. It’s very close to the Panasonic GH4 in terms of functionality.

Both of These camera options are great in terms of dynamic range and optical quality so users will be able to capture a great amount of detail in the air.


Tornado comes with a big and bulky controller. A part from its size the controller is great in term of functionality. It has dedicated dials and knobs for convenient flying. The dedicated 7-inch touch monitor is a great addition. It displays all the necessary information including the live video feed. The battery life of the provided controller is also decent.

Battery life:

We weren’t disappointed in this regard as the Tornado offered a good flight time. Also, the drone has the ability to accept more than one batteries. Therefore, Tornado offers a great flight time. Even with the single battery, it won’t let down anyone.

Image courtesy: Pc Mag, Carolina Dronza, and Isarfoto.

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