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Xiro Xplorer 5 | All You Need To Know Before Buying

Xiro Xplorer 5 is an interesting quadcopter by Xiro. Actually, it’s their first ever FPV quadcopter. In such crowded drone market nowadays, new manufacturers have to offer something unique and interesting to catch the consumer’s attention. From the specs sheet looks like Xiro has done this job. Let’s take an in-depth look, whether this claim is true or not.


This is the first thing which we liked about this drone. Its design is somewhat different than most of the quadcopters we have seen. Despite its different design, the drone remains pretty compact. From the above, the four wings look like making a star shape, looks pretty cool. Beneath the drone, we have the camera mounted on a 3 axis gimbal. The drone landing gear is foldable, adding value to the compactness of this drone.


The performance of this drone is on par. Looking at the price, it’s hard to believe that how well this drone can perform.

As mentioned earlier, the drone is compact due to which the four rotors have less work to do. The drone is very snappy and at the same time responsive in the air. Maneuverability is not all an issue.

The built in GPS works pretty well, stability in the air is flawless.

We were really surprised to observe how well this tiny drone performed in our tests.

The range of Xiro Xplorer 5 is somewhat limited, approx. 500 meters. But, it's adequate enough for the novices. As the drone is sourly targeted towards beginner’s therefore, no complaints here.

The indoor scenario, however, is a bit different. The absence of positioning sensors makes this drone less stable indoors.

It’s not a big deal, though, the drone still can be flown indoors.

All in all, in performance department Xiro Xplorer 5 checks almost all the boxes.


Xiro Xplorer 5 comes loaded with a 14 megapixels full high definition camera. Moreover, the camera is mounted on a 3 axis stabilized gimbal for stable shots and videos.

Now, surprisingly the quality and the depth this built is the camera is able to capture is great. Why we said surprisingly? Because majority of such drones are fairly average in terms of image quality. This camera did surprise us with its colorful images and sharp videos. Xiro Xplorer 5 is also available with a dedicated gimbal for Go Pro hero series cameras. So, the camera on this drones won’t disappoint even the enthusiastic flyers.


The controller of Xiro Xplorer 5 is interesting too. First, it resembles from a console controller a lot. Second, its feels great in the hand. The controller knobs are made up of quality material, they are responsive and are located just at the right position. The battery of the controller itself is also good. Speaking of battery life the drone also has a very good battery life, it can last in the air easily for 20-22 minutes before running out of juice.


We found Xiro Xplorer 5 a very interesting quadcopter.

The feature set considering the price tag is great. Solid battery life, great controller, and a decent onboard camera are some of the highlights of this drone. In short, Xiro Xplorer 5 is a great buy for beginners and it will also serve pretty well to intermediate flyers.

Image Credits: Geek Buying, Compare Drones, Rcatmo Sphere, Video Maker and Tecofertas.


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