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Phantom 3 – In-depth Review | All You Need To Know

The phantom series drones got great attention since their first model was released. This was because original phantom was easy to fly drone right out of the box. With the passage of time, DJI kept improving their phantom series drones. Till phantom 2 DJI was offering a drone with a separate gimbal for the camera. Later that year {when phantom 2 was introduced}, DJI introduced they're first ever phantom drone with a built-in stabilized camera known as Phantom 2 vision plus.

This drone got the real attention because it has everything a novice would want. After phantom 2 vision plus DJI introduced phantom 3. The phantom 3 brought several new add-ons. First, it kept the trend of on board stabilized camera second it offered some much-needed improvements in the existing phantom line up like efficient propellers and long battery life. When we talk about phantom 3 drones the two very popular drones comes in our mind. The phantom 3 professionals and the phantom 3 advanced. Now these drones were bit expensive because of the extensive feature set. Therefore, DJI introduced phantom 3 standards. This drone became the first ever drone for like thousands of people just because it was so aggressively priced. And even to date according to us, it is the most economical phantom to date. Yes, DJI phantom 3 standard is the best phantom 3 to date. Why? For this answered let's take an in-depth look.


Now, you may like or dislike it but this is now a fact that almost all the phantom series drones have a nearly identical design. Same is the case with phantom 3 standards. It carries the same design language as its bigger brothers. The whole body is made out of plastic. The landing gear, the four propellers all are placed in the same place. Under the body, we haven motorized 3 axis camera gimbal. On the side of the main body resides the battery compartment. There is no difference in terms of design here.


Things can get bit different here but not by a great margin. The phantom 3 standard has the same powerful yet efficient propellers as found on phantom 3 professional and phantom 3 advanced. So, in the air drone is equally responsive and fun to fly. What has changed is the source of communication between the controller and the drone. Phantom 3 standard has no Lightbridge on board so connection may not be that strong.

In reality what matters is the range of the quadcopter. The phantom 3 standard has the range of approximately 1 kilometers and in this range, the video feed is pretty stable. Obviously, the Lightbridge is the way to go for the future but for the price of the phantom 3 standards, we think the cut down of Lightbridge does make sense.  In outdoors the drone as responsive as its bigger brothers. However, in indoors the situation is slightly different. The absence of vision positioning sensors on phantom 3 standard makes it hard to fly in indoors.

Other than these two features in performance the phantom 3 standard is very similar to another phantom 3 models.


The onboard camera on phantom 3 standard shoots crystal clear 2.7K video. Now 2.7K is a significant amount of resolution. The quality of the video is great. Also, the pictures can be taken in both Raw and Jpeg formats at 12 megapixels.

The only downside of this camera is the absence of 4K video recording. Now 4K itself isn’t a deal breaker thing considering that the built-in camera isn’t limited to 1080p. This camera is a capable camera and performs relatively good.

Battery life:

The battery life on phantom 3 standards is one of its plus points.

Compared to phantom 3 professional and advanced it last 5
-7 minutes longer. You can easily get more than 20 minutes of flying time with phantom 3 standards.


So, phantom 3 standard may not have some of the advanced features like 4K video and Lightbridge technology. What it has is the excellent performance for the price, a good onboard camera, and an excellent battery life. With so many phantoms 3 out there phantom 3 standard is the model to go with if 4K is not your thing.

Image-credits: 4K, Nearly Aerial, YouTube, CNET, and Alphr.

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