DJI Matrice 600 Review – All You Need To Know

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DJI already showed up how far they want their drone line up to grow by introducing Matrice 100. It had everything a professional Filmmaker would desire for. DJI wanted to create an even more advanced aerial platform for professionals. Their new DJI Matrice 600 says it all.

It’s not a drone, it’s a complete aerial flying platform.


The matrice 600 is basically a hexacopter rather than a traditional quadcopter. The extra two propellers provide this aerial system the extra power it needs. The drone’s six wings are made up of heavy duty material and these wings are collapsible, making Matrice 600 convenient to carry. The landing gear this time is a bit longer in length.

This extra length actually helps in practical usage because the drone lands above the ground level with more room to spare and this landing gear can also retract when the drone is in the air.

Now coming to the central hub, again it houses tons of stuff including the all-new flight control chipset. Beneath the drone, we have a dedicated space left to attach any camera system. Along the sides and the center, we have six slots which are there for the batteries. Yes, matrice 600 has six battery slots.

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The new DJI Matrice 600 is equipped with all new DJI’S A3 flight control system, which isn’t only new for its class but is advanced enough to handle this aerial system in all type of flying conditions. So, as a result, Matrice, 600 is a beast and flies exceptionally well. This new flight control system is very precise and accurate. Flying this drone is a breeze. The Matrice 600’s each and every movement in the air is precise so, it’s very responsive in the air.

DJI Matrice 600 is competing with other high-end aerial platforms, therefore, DJI didn’t leave any room for improvement. This new flying system can handle up to 13 pounds of payload, again very impressive numbers. Even with this amount of payload, this aerial platform loses nothing in terms of performance.

Furthermore, Matrice 600 comes loaded with DJI’S Lightbridge 2 technology on board. With Lightbridge 2, the quality of video stream has been improved vastly. It can now stream Full HD live video stream to the dedicated Controller and that too at 60 Fps. Moreover, matrice 600 can also broadcast live video feed at 720p HD resolution and 1080i at 50 fps. So, in the performance department, Matrice 600 has a lot to offer and it won’t let down anyone.

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As told earlier, matrice 600 is not only a drone; it’s a complete aerial flying platform. With Matrice series DJI wanted its user to expand their camera options. Therefore, Matrice 600 can adopt any camera from Zen muse X5 to black magic cinema standard 4k camera. With the ability to lift 13 pounds of payload, any small to cinema standard camera assembly can be equipped with matrice 600.

Also, users aren’t only limited to camera and accessories; they can also attach proper camera rigs like the Ronin MX. So, it’s very clear that Matrice 600 has the ability to lift any camera in the air and even professional rigs.

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Battery life:

Matrice 600 has six battery compartments and all these batteries are high capacity intelligent flying batteries. Despite the size and the number of slots, the flying time is around 15 minutes.

So, it’s not at all terrible considering how much stuff this aerial system is capable of delivering on these batteries.

Image credits: Slashgear, DJI, and Heliguy.

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