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DJI Flying Wings S1000 Complete Review

After matrice series, the DJI S series drones are the every professional’s second option. The S series drones are made with professional pilots and cinematographer in mind. Hence, these drones are equipped with professional features. The all new DJI Flying Wings S1000 is no exception here.

Let’s take an in-depth look and see what DJI S1000 has to offer for the price.


From the outside, the S1000 look like a serious machine and in fact, it is a serious machine. The design language here is totally different from the Phantom and Inspire series drones. The center hub of the S1000 packs the A2 flight control system.

The eight legs and the whole frame of the drone are made out of carbon fiber so the build quality is excellent. Also, finishing on the sides and the edges of the drone are very fine. The whole design definitely indicates that this aerial platform is made for every kind of flying situation.


The S1000 is basically an Octa-copter drone. It’s all new advanced propellers equipped with the DJI’S new powerful motors delivers excellent performance in the air. This drone is way powerful than what you think. With the ability to lift the payload of more than five kilograms, clearly, indicates the flying capabilities of this drone. Even with the maximum payload, the drone is very responsive in the air.

S1000 comes equipped with the A2 flight control system. Now, this flying control system is very advanced and accurate. With the help of the A2 flight control system, S1000 can be flown in all type of flying conditions. Apart of this advanced flight control system, the drone has GPS with Glonass on board. Hence, it is able to lock a maximum number of available satellites which adds to the stability of the drone. The S1000 hovers extremely well even when a strong breeze is blowing. Also, the S1000 has DJI’S latest Lightbridge technology on board, due to which the communication between the drone and the controller remains uninterrupted throughout the given range. Speaking of range, this bad boy can be flown all the way up to 2 miles easily. So given the advanced feature set this drone performs exceptionally well in the air.


Now on such aerial platforms, manufacturers like DJI don’t want to restrict their users to the built-in camera. Therefore, the S1000 is optimized to accept almost any camera or a dedicated gimbal. All the Zen muse cameras are also compatible with S1000. The drone can lift from small go pros to the high-end Full frame cameras like 5D Mark 3 iii in the air.

Now, we all know what these high-end cameras are capable off.

Therefore, the S1000 can capture breathtaking stills and videos from almost any camera available on the market.


So, all the major features of S1000 are In front of us. The drone being an octa-copter pack some serious power. Despite being a professional drone, S1000 is relatively easy to fly.

The build quality of this drone is top notch and the ability to lift a heavy amount of payload is a welcome new addition.

All in all, the S1000 proves itself that it’s made for advanced pilots and cinematographers.

Image credits: DJI


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